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V-Fire CCTV Tower for Fire and Security Detection

V-Fire is V-ceptor's fire and security detection solution CCTV tower.

Innovative V-Fire CCTV Tower: Comprehensive Fire and Security Solution

V-Fire is our fire and security detection solution CCTV Tower.  It utilises radiometric cameras to detect heat and IP & Thermal cameras to identify human activity.


With the integration of Bull Products wireless heat detectors, the tower acts as a central hub, offering a comprehensive turnkey solution for both security and fire safety needs.

V-Fire CCTV Tower Key Benefits:

  • Heat detection up to 100 meters

  • Connect up to 50 wireless heat detectors

  • Thermal cameras with up to 300 meters detection per camera

  • Davantis analytics

  • Battery backup to 50 hours

  • Add up to 8 additional thermal & IP cameras

  • 3G/4G connectivity

  • Remote viewing through app

  • Optional Hydrogen Fuel cell

monitoring station

Remote Monitoring Solution

Security surveillance technology is much more effective with someone monitoring at the other end. Detection without assessment leaves sites exposed, that's why we have partnered with some of the UK's leading Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC).


Our grade 2 ARC's are equipped with the latest monitoring software, from the award winning Webeye, to Sentinel and the Industry leading Immix, as well as cutting edge AI deep learning systems such as Calipsa and DeepAlert, ensuring that your sites are fully monitored and protected 24/7. 


Trained and licensed security personnel rapidly assess activation footage to determine if an intrusion has occurred. Once confirmed they escalate to either mobile response units or Police for rapid deployment to site.

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