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vacant property security solutions brochure.png

Vacant Property Security Solutions

Our vacant property solutions give our clients peace of mind that their empty property is safe, secure and insurance-compliant.

Steel security doors brochure

Steel Security Doors 

Protect your property with our strong, temporary metal doors, ideal for both residential and commercial buildings to block unauthorised access. Built from the trusted Sitex steel security models and supported by UK authorities, these doors effectively guard against intruders and vandalism.

Sentinel PID pro brochure

Sentinel PID Pro

Each Sentinel is equipped with Reconeyez video verification technology, revolutionising Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) with superior functionality. The Sentinel PID Pro allows for unique customisation in branding and colour, helping security companies differentiate from competitors.

Senntinel PID Pro Assembly Guide-German.png

Sentinel PID Pro Assembly Guide - German version

Easy-to-follow steps for assembling the Sentinel PID Pro with our comprehensive guide. Ensure quick setup and efficient operation.

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