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Sentinel PID Pro

Sentinel PID Pro

Sentinel PID Pro

Sentinel PID Pro

Superior Intruder Detection System

Sentinel PID Pro construction site

The Sentinel PID Pro powered by the advanced Reconeyez Technology

Designed with deterrence as its primary objective, each Sentinel is equipped with Reconeyez video verification technology, setting new standards in advanced security solutions. With its innovative design and superior operational functionality, it distinguishes itself in the PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) landscape.

Offering unparalleled customisation in branding and colour for the first time, the Sentinel PID Pro enables Security Companies to differentiate themselves from competitors in ways never before possible.

The Sentinel PID Pro is tall, visible and designed primarily for deterrence

Sentinel PID Pro unit height is 7.5 feet / 2,3 meters, which helps them stand out on-site and in the market.

It enhances the unit’s capability to detect intrusions through advanced video verification methods and has the deterrent effect offered by its sheer presence.

Sentinel PID Pro is tall and visible with 7.5ft high.
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70-meter Detection Range

Using the Reconeyez rugged detectors, the Sentinel PID Pro unit delivers an extensive detection range of over 35 meters in each direction. It means that you can cover an AI-optimised 70-meter distance with one unit. Its coverage capability is 2-3 times greater than that of its closest competition.


It's Big, Bold and Smart
Make it Yours!

The Sentinel PID Pro is fully customisable

We understand that branding and aesthetics matter. That's why Propertysec offers a high degree of customisation for our Sentinel PIDs. Customers have the flexibility to choose the colour and branding that aligns with their organisation's unique identity.

Get your PID Pro up and running in just 20 minutes!

With its impressive 70-meter detection range, the Sentinel PID Pro ensures extensive coverage and unmatched superiority. Designed for flexibility, it promises quick deployment and hassle-free relocation to adapt swiftly to changing security demands—all ready to go in just 20 minutes per unit.

Rapid deployment Sentinel PID Pro

Learn how to assemble the Sentinel PID Pro with this step-by-step video

Sentinel PID Pro - Powered by Reconeyez

A Sentinel PID Pro unit powered by reconeyez technology

Specific Features

Detection coverage: 4 detectors, each with up to 35m detection range. 

Optimised heigh: 7.5 Feet / 2.3 m for maximum efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence: Reduce false alarms by 95%.

Fully Autonomous: Battery life up to 400 days.

HD Images: High-quality images in any light conditions.

Powered by solar energy: Unit enables extended use, fewer battery changes.

Reconeyez Tech: Manage, monitor, control, anywhere.

monitoring on the go. reconeyez mobile app

Monitoring On-The-Go 

The Reconeyez mobile app enables real-time monitoring and configuration of your security sites from any location. It offers mobile access to manage your Reconeyez equipment, ensuring you’re informed and connected to your security system, with the convenience of receiving immediate push notifications for alerts.

Remote Configurability 

Unlike traditional systems, Reconeyez can be seamlessly configured from the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site visits and reducing maintenance calls. This not only streamlines system management but also underscores Reconeyez’s dedication to userfriendly, efficient security solutions.

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