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red coloured fire extintion in construction site

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems

For sites in need of a commercial grade temporary fire alarm system, we have the perfect solution. Our temporary fire alarms systems are designed with cutting-edge technology and will not only save you money but also prevent devastating damage from smoke and flames!

WES+-fire alarm building site security system installed in a wall in a construction site

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Fire can be a very dangerous and unpredictable threat, so why take risks? Combat the ever present danger of fires with our wireless portable fully monitored fire alarms systems that provide complete protection for your site and property.

Our wireless Evacuator fire alarms are ideal for protecting large building sites, or void commercial units.  These wireless alarms can be deployed quickly and modified as the building site evolves.


They don’t require a mains power supply as they are battery operated and their large range removes the need for cabling.  The perfect solution for safeguarding your site and property.

wireless fire alarm systems designed for construction sites

Temporary Fire Alarm Systems for Construction Sites

Wireless fire alarms are an ideal solution for construction sites, as they can be easily moved to new locations as work progresses.  They are equally suited to new or refurbishment projects, making them a versatile and cost-effective option for construction sites and void properties.


Wireless fire alarms are quick and easy to install and do not require disruptive drilling or wiring.  Temporary wireless fire alarms are an essential part of any fire safety strategy for both construction sites and void properties.

builders standing in construction site

Remove Unnecessary Risk with a Fire Detection System

The construction site is a complex environment with numerous risks. More and more legislation protects personnel from health & safety threats, meaning that all properties must have adequate fire detection systems in place to protect people on-site, especially building and construction sites, where an adequate fire detection and evacuation warning systems must be in place to protect personnel. 


Corporate manslaughter law has now become active which means all sites must take these risks seriously - skirting around them will only put your employees at risk!

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