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Looking to Hire or Buy Temporary CCTV Towers?

At Propertysec, we bring you exceptional security solutions with our premium temporary CCTV towers (solar or main power).


Designed for rapid deployment and versatile surveillance, our cutting-edge mobile cctv towers provide unparalleled protection for events, construction sites, and more. Our range of CCTV towers hire and mobile cctv tower for sale not only serve as highly effective visual deterrents, but also provide exceptional protection and surveillance over expansive land areas, all without relying on mains power.


We offer flexible mobile CCTV tower hire or cctv tower for sale services to a diverse range of businesses in both public and private sectors.


Our CCTV towers provides exceptional scope and adaptability, ensuring a cost-effective security solution with unmatched versatility.


Whether for short or long-term needs, trust Propertysec for reliable and efficient security measures.

Explore our Range of Rapid Deployment
 CCTV Towers

At Propertysec we have partnering with V-Ceptor, a leading specialist manufacturer with over 25 years' experience in security towers and advanced mobile security solutions providing top-of-the-line mobile cctv towers.


Our highly versatile and fully customisable mobile CCTV towers are engineered and built to the highest standards, utilising the latest technology. With rapid deployment across England and Wales, we cater to small or large sites, offering self-sufficient solutions for areas without power.



Our flexible CCTV towers are easily towable, quick to install, and suitable for any location with minimal technical know-how required.


Our Mobile CCTV Towers are Made in The UK


Fully-featured CCTV towers outperform costly man-guarding and other traditional security measures by providing superior surveillance capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

V-Solar Tower and Centinel Solar

Ideal CCTV Tower Application

Specially designed for temporary sites such as construction, demolition, and highways infrastructure projects, Rapid deployment CCTV Towers serve as all-in-one security solutions.


These towers act as a prominent deterrent, effectively preventing trespassing before it occurs.


Thanks to their rapid-deployment capabilities, they can be quickly installed and operational in a matter of minutes, ensuring efficient and immediate site protection.

  • Public access facilities

  • Highway and Railway

  • Construction sites

  • Vacant properties

  • Large open spaces

  • Open car parks

  • Sports grounds

  • Agricultural locations

  • Outdoor events

  • Music festivals

  • Storage yards

  • Housing developments

  • Warehousing

  • Utility sites

Monitoring Center

Remote Monitoring Solution

Security surveillance technology is much more effective with someone monitoring at the other end. Detection without assessment leaves sites exposed, that's why we have partnered with some of the UK's leading Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC).


Our grade 2 ARC's are equipped with the latest monitoring software, from the award winning Webeye, to Sentinel and the Industry leading Immix, as well as cutting edge AI deep learning systems such as Calipsa and DeepAlert, ensuring that your sites are fully monitored and protected 24/7. 


Trained and licensed security personnel rapidly assess activation footage to determine if an intrusion has occurred. Once confirmed they escalate to either mobile response units or Police for rapid deployment to site.

Purchase Information

Our Site CCTV Towers are available for sale or rent. For more information, please fill out the form.

Alternatively contact Propertysec on 01293 804781or

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