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Vacant property secured with Perforated steel screens

Vacant Property Security Services 

PROPERTYSEC is one of the UK's most innovative providers of void property security services

Secure your empty property with Propertysec.

Our vacant property solutions give our clients peace of mind that their empty property is safe, secure and insurance-compliant.​

With over 20 years' experience and a comprehensive range of vacant property services we can protect your valuable assets, saving you time and money. Our security technicians operate throughout England and Wales and have extensive experience working with large public bodies including local councils, social housing providers and property managers. 


Propertysec's vacant property services, include concrete barriers, Sitex security screenssteel perforated sheets, as well as mobile CCTV Towers, wireless intruder alarms and much more.

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements for a no obligation quote.

Vacant Properties Solutions

concrete block being lift by a crane to be positioned next to a heras fencing system

Concrete Barriers

At Propertysec, we specialise in providing high-quality concrete barriers for a wide range of applications. Our concrete blocks are made from durable materials to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting protection.


Whether you need a concrete barrier to keep vehicles from entering a construction site, or you need to block off a dangerous section of road, we have the perfect solution for you needs.

steel security screens

Steel Security Screens 

We provide a range of different boarding options, from perforated steel, SITEX to our innovative compression system.  

Security screens effectively deter squatters, vandals and thieves by providing a highly visual deterrent that can be installed quickly to secure your property.  Our new compression screens are both quick to install and remove, without damaging your property, an ideal choice for listed properties!

temporary security fence panels erected around field

Security Fencing Solutions

Propertysec security fencing can provide you with an effective solution for deterring potential intruders, securing perimeters and establishing boundaries. 


Our sustainable fence options are made from recycled materials, providing a more environmentally friendly product that also helps clients reduce their Carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability targets. 


Steel Security Doors

Our high quality steel security doors are specifically designed for temporary sites and offer a reliable, durable way to keep your vacant property or commercial building safe.


Steel security doors are designed to replace standard doors and are an excellent solution for keeping vandals, thieves and squatters out of a property whilst still permitting authorised access.

Propertysec steel security doors are fitted by our experts team using anti-tamper screws. All our doors are manufactured in the UK by our sister company TPSM.

composite recycled plastic hoarding system

Secure & Sustainable Hoarding

A robust composite recycled plastic alternative to single use timber hoarding.  This next generation hoarding system can be either dug in or surface mounted with no foundation work needed.  


Our recycled hoarding has a 20 year working life and therefore offers a truly re-usable system that is more cost effective and sustainable than traditional timber, resulting in significant CO2 savings.

Initial Secuir Risk Assessmet
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