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Commercial empty building


At Propertysec we support a wide range of market sectors. We are able to rapidly secure premises and protect your empty building from vandals and squatters. You can rely on us to protect your site and your budget. 

Perimeter protection at a construction site London

Construction Site Security

At Propertysec we understand that securing your construction site and properties under refurbishment is imperative. We have a wealth of experience in delivering professional construction site preventative measures – ranging from temporary, mobile CCTV towers with remote monitoring to site access control and perimeter protection.

Our security solutions are designed to deter criminal activity and ensure your site and its valuable assets remain protected, as the consequential costs can be considerable, both in terms of delays to your project and financial loss to the scheme promoter/contractor.

Installation of Videofied system in commercial office

Commercial Property Management

Security is essential for commercially owned properties whether they’re occupied or empty. Having the right safeguarding systems in place protects your business, your tenants and your budget from the tangible costs and stress of dealing with intrusions, thefts, and intentional or accidental damage.

Building up services for Pubs & Bars

Pubs & Retail

Securing your business is essential to protect both the premises you operate out of as well as the valuable stock that is held within your building.


Our professional team has extensive experience in providing security solutions to ensure that your business and personnel are entirely protected from the actions of criminals or vandals who wish to target your site.

House association residential building in South London

Housing Associations

At Propertysec we have a wealth of experience in vacant property security and solutions. That’s why we under­stand the par­tic­u­lar envi­ron­men­tal and eco­nom­ic pres­sures you face.

We can pro­vide a range of security solutions to pro­tect vul­ner­a­ble prop­er­ties in high risk areas and those at less risk.  Our com­pre­hen­sive, end-to-end solu­tions help cus­tomers pro­tect and repair their void prop­er­ties, so they can be reoc­cu­pied as quick­ly as possible.


As part of our service we conduct free comprehensive security risk assessments (SRA) of your property, to include risk identification, vulnerability and local criminality analysis.

risk assessment director conducting a security risk assessment in construction site

Need to Secure your Site?

Contact our security experts now to discuss your security requirements and get a quote from us.

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