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Case Study: Propertysec’s Swift and Efficient Boarding Solution

PIDS Unit for site security

Propertysec once again demonstrates an unwavering commitment to prompt, tailored, and cost-efficient security solutions in this case study of a property in the throes of refurbishment. 

The client, a distinguished electrical contractor, was confronted with the dual dilemma of ineffectual security and spiralling costs, thanks to subpar services from a previous provider. The intervention of Propertysec marked a turning point, underscoring a narrative of swift action, bespoke solutions, enhanced safety, and appreciable cost savings. 

Case Study: Propertysec’s Swift and Efficient Boarding Solution



A renowned Electrical contractor was in the process of refurbishing a property they had recently taken over. They were met with the challenge of inadequate security - the property was equipped with poorly installed perforated steel sheets and a temporary steel door, provided by a nationwide security company that was charging exorbitant fees. This led the contractor to seek a more cost-effective yet reliable security solution.


The Challenge:

The client needed an immediate response with a superior quality service at a more affordable rate. The existing security installations were not only ineffective but also costly, raising concerns about both security and budget.


The Propertysec Solution:

Upon being approached, Propertysec swiftly stepped into action. We understood the urgency and the need for a robust solution that would not compromise quality for cost. The steel was fabricated and the metal door was manufactured to order at our TPSM facility in Hainault. By cutting the steel to size off-site, we eliminated the risks associated with on-site steel cutting, enhancing safety and efficiency.


Our team of professionals quickly attended the site and installed the custom-made equipment, ensuring the property was effectively secured. The installation of high-quality metal sheets and a robust temporary steel door provided the needed security and peace of mind for the client.



The client was immensely satisfied with the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of Propertysec's solution. The swift response, combined with the quality of work delivered, made an impression on the client.


Key Achievements:


Quick Response:

Propertysec’s immediate attention to the client’s needs ensured that the property’s security was enhanced in no time.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Offering a service that met the quality standards at a fraction of the cost charged by the previous nationwide security company.

Safety and Efficiency:

By undertaking steel cutting off-site, Propertysec ensured safety protocols were maintained, enhancing the efficiency of the installation process.

Client Satisfaction:

The combination of rapid response, quality service, and affordability left the client extremely satisfied.

Preferred Supplier:

As a testament to the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of our services, the client selected Propertysec as their preferred supplier for future works requiring boarding services.



Propertysec’s ability to offer tailor-made solutions with a rapid response, upholding safety and quality, at an affordable cost, was pivotal in turning a challenge into an opportunity.

This case underscores our commitment to delivering excellent, client-cantered services that not only meet but exceed expectations, fostering long-term partnerships.



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