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Enhancing Security and Safety at a Crime-Ridden Industrial Estate in East London: A Case Study

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When crime hit a peak at an industrial estate in East London, Propertysec was called to action. Our rapid, customised approach proved to be a game-changer. We delved deep into the security challenges, responding with tailor-made solutions that not only tackled but outsmarted the security threats. It's in this spirit that we've become synonymous with enhanced safety, unwavering security, and unmatched peace of mind. 

Every step in our case study is a testament to our unyielding commitment to ensuring every person and property we oversee is shielded from harm. Take a closer look at how we’re setting new benchmarks in security, one success story at a time!

Enhancing Security and Safety at a Crime-Ridden Industrial Estate in East London: A Case Study


Propertysec, a renowned security solution provider, was approached to address the escalating crime rate at an industrial estate in East London. The estate had been plagued with an array of criminal activities ranging from squatting, criminal damage, theft and physical assaults on tenant personnel. Propertysec was entrusted with the critical task of enhancing the security measures to not only protect assets but ensure the safety and wellbeing of individuals on the site.


The Problem:

The industrial estate, with its lax security, became a hotbed for criminal activity. The perimeter was easily accessible, marking the estate as an opportunist target for criminals. The absence of a robust security framework left tenant personnel vulnerable and at risk, impairing the overall functionality and safety of the estate.


Propertysec Intervention:

Upon receiving the request for assistance, Propertysec deployed an experienced crime prevention specialist to conduct an exhaustive site assessment. The focus was on understanding the nature, extent, and underlying causes of the ongoing criminal activities and to devise a tailored, effective security solution.


Recommendations and Implementation:

The crime prevention specialist recommended enhancing the physical security of the site by hardening the perimeter. This entailed:


Installation of Palisade Fencing:


Our skilled fencing team promptly installed high-quality palisade fencing around    the estate’s perimeter, including vehicle and pedestrian gates. This acted as a formidable barrier, denoting clear boundaries between public and private    space and discouraging unauthorised entry.


Integration of Digilocks and Quick Release Buttons:


To cater to the needs of tenant personnel requiring access outside of working hours, Digilocks were installed, ensuring security wasn’t compromised. Quick release buttons on pedestrian gates facilitated emergency exits, balancing security with safety.



The comprehensive security upgrade, executed swiftly and efficiently, yielded immediate positive results:


Enhanced Security:


The hardened perimeter and access controls effectively curtailed opportunistic crimes. The clear demarcation of public and private spaces minimised unauthorised access.


Increased Safety and Wellbeing of Tenant Personnel:


The enhanced security measures bolstered the confidence and safety of tenant personnel. The immediate decline in criminal activities led to an environment where staff could focus on productivity without fearing for their safety.


Positive Feedback:


Propertysec received accolades from tenant staff for promptly addressing the security lapses and fostering a safe, secure working environment.




Propertysec’s tailored, rapid response to the complex security challenges at the East London industrial estate underscores our commitment to delivering bespoke, effective security solutions. We remain at the forefront of enhancing safety, security, and peace of mind for our clients, affirming that every individual and asset under our watch is protected.


For more information on customised security solutions, contact Propertysec today.



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