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Solar Lighting Installation at a Vacant Property in Milton Keynes

PIDS Unit for site security

In Milton Keynes, a large industrial site recently compromised by copper theft, resulting in loss of electricity and lighting, presented a significant challenge.  Propertysec responded by collaborating with Device Smart, a specialist in solar lighting solutions. 

The team installed 22 high-efficiency solar lights, powered by three solar panels, to illuminate both the interior and exterior of the site. These lights featured motion activation and high luminosity, ensuring energy-efficient and effective illumination. 

The quick installation promptly addressed the urgent need for lighting and security, greatly enhancing site safety and surveillance.

This project not only restored essential lighting but also showcased an eco-friendly, cost-effective approach, underlining Propertysec's commitment to innovative and responsive problem-solving.

The successful solar lighting installation in Milton Keynes highlights the effectiveness of modern technology in overcoming facility management crises.

Solar Lighting Installation at a Vacant Property in Milton Keynes


Client Challenge


A large industrial site in Milton Keynes, recently targeted by thieves, faced a critical issue. The intruders had stripped the property of its electrical cabling to extract copper, leaving the entire building without electricity and lighting. This situation posed a significant health and safety risk, as visitors and personnel had to navigate the site in complete darkness, elevating the potential for accidents and further security breaches.


Our Approach


Propertysec, known for our innovative solutions, was approached to devise a temporary yet effective fix for this urgent problem. Leveraging our connections with leading-edge manufacturers, we partnered with Device Smart, a company specialising in solar lights, to address this challenge.


Solution Implemented


The collaborative effort led to the installation of 22 high-efficiency solar lights, strategically placed both inside and outside the property. These lights were powered by three externally mounted solar panels, harnessing renewable energy to provide a sustainable lighting solution.


Key features of the installed solar lights included:


·       Motion Activation: Each light was equipped with motion sensors, ensuring illumination only when necessary, thereby conserving energy.

·       High Luminosity: Emitting 1400 lumens, the lights provided more than adequate brightness, ensuring safe navigation and effective surveillance of the site.

·       Quick Installation: The design and technology of the solar lights allowed for swift installation, promptly addressing the immediate need for lighting and security.




This project not only restored essential lighting to the site but also introduced an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. The solar lights significantly improved visibility, enhancing safety for visitors and enabling efficient patrols by security personnel. Our ability to quickly implement a creative and sustainable solution underlined Propertysec's commitment to innovative problem-solving and customer satisfaction.




The successful installation at the Milton Keynes site exemplifies how modern technology, like solar lighting, can provide efficient solutions to unexpected challenges. It also highlights the importance of quick response and adaptability in facility management, especially in crisis situations. Propertysec's collaboration with Device Smart stands as a testament to our dedication to utilising cutting-edge technology for practical, real-world applications.




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