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Sustainable 365 V-Mesh Fence for Perimeter Protection

PIDS Unit for site security

Discover sustainable V-mesh, an eco-friendly fencing solution that combines security with environmental responsibility. Durable, recyclable, and sustainable.

How we help a FM company to reduce their Carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability targets with the installation of sustainable V-Mesh fencing.

Innovation, adaptation and the adding of value form part of our commitment to our clients, we therefore endeavour to add value by identifying and deploying innovative new products where possible.

Meeting Our Customer's Need:

One of clients, a large UK based FM organisation, routinely utilised single use timber hoarding to secure their sites. Timber hoarding was expensive, subject todeterioration due to environmental conditions and incapable of being recycledat the end of each project, often ending upin landfill.

On this particular site, the hoarding was indanger of collapse, a significant concern considering the pedestrian footpath runningalongside the site.

The Solution:

Fencesafe Eclipse temporary V-Mesh fencing. This innovative product provided the safetyand security of permanent profiled mesh fencing, in a temporary system. We quicklyremoved the dangerous hoarding, replacing it with the safer V-Mesh ballast mounted system.

The Benefits:

  • Quick to install

  • Robust, with a long product life

  • 30mm Projection to prevent climb over

  • Promotes natural surveillance across sites (CPTED)

  • Ballast bases are 100% recycled

  • Fence panels are 90% Recycled UK and European Steel Fencing

  • Significantly lower carbon footprint when compared with timber hoarding


Our client benefitted from an elevated level of security on site, whilst simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint and preventing a potential accident involving pedestrians.

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