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Securing Vulnerable Vacant Building on A34 Road.

PIDS Unit for site security

With the festive season bringing a spike in squatting and looting threats, a top UK security firm partnered with Propertysec to safeguard an abandoned Starbucks on A34. Leveraging the latest in surveillance technology, Propertysec swiftly installed Sentinel MK1 PID units featuring advanced Reconeyez surveillance systems. This strategic move guaranteed uninterrupted, real-time monitoring and a seamless setup. The outcome was significant: bolstered security at the site, reassurance for the client and a festive season without any squatting or looting incidents.

Case Study: Securing Vulnerable Vacant Building on A34 Road.


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With Christmas approaching, our client was concerned about an abandoned Starbucks on the A34 being targeted by squatters or travellers. The risks included occupation or looting for valuables.



Propertysec responded swiftly to this urgent request. Recognising the importance of securing the property against potential threats, we deployed one of our expert teams to the site.


Action Taken:

  • Deployment of Propertysec Team: Our team was on-site promptly, bringing with them the expertise and equipment necessary for the task

  • Installation of Sentinel MK1 PID Units: Two units were installed. These are equipped with Reconeyez, the most advanced video verification technology currently available. This state-of-the-art technology ensures real-time surveillance and quick response to any unauthorised activity

  • Swift and Efficient Setup: Our team successfully set up the equipment in quick time, ensuring the site was secured well before the high-risk Christmas period.




  • Enhanced Security: With the Sentinel MK1 PID units in place, the site was under continuous surveillance, deterring potential intruders

  • Peace of Mind for Client: The client was relieved and satisfied with the prompt and effective action taken by Propertysec

  • Prevention of Unauthorised Entry and Damage:  The site remained secure throughout the holiday season, with no incidents of squatting or looting reported.




Propertysec's quick response and the implementation of advanced security technology proved effective in safeguarding the abandoned Starbucks on the A34. This case study demonstrates our commitment to providing top-tier security solutions and our ability to meet client needs swiftly, especially in emergency situations.


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