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Commercial Property Security 

We work with clients across the UK providing innovative and reliable commercial security and fire protection.  We secure assets, people and places using leading security techniques. 

Video Verification Systems

Video verification systems are a cross between alarm systems and CCTV. They are the ideal solution for commercial void properties. Video verification systems create a secure, monitored environment by using video surveillance to detect and record events. They are used to detect and prevent crimes such as burglary, theft, vandalism, fly-tipping and arson. 


All our systems are designed to operate independently, powered by solar and/or battery backup. 


The benefits of using a video verification system include: 


  • Reduced crime rates

  • Improved security

  • Easier identification of intruders 

  • Reduced insurance premiums


We utilise the latest video verification technology to protect your site, from Reconeyez to RSi Videofied. 

Temporary Intruder Alarms

A temporary alarm system is a great way of providing greater security to void commercial properties such as office blocks, retail outlets and warehouses. Our alarm systems can be installed on a void commercial property in minutes and will provide 24 hour protection against burglary, fire or other emergency situations. 


We install the industry leading AJAX system, the most advanced intruder alarm available. Our alarm systems can either be self-monitored through a user friendly app, or by one of our partner monitoring stations, providing peace of mind 24/7. 

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Our managed network of security providers enables us to provide a truly national key-holding and alarm response service for commercial landlords and property owners. When our systems provide confirmation of intrusion, we dispatch a licensed security professional to investigate. This rapid response service removes any risk and potential liability associated with using your own untrained employees to investigate alarm activations. Our network's geographical reach allows us to provide exceptional response times.


Our alarm response and key-holding services provide convenience when you need it most – most times, in the small hours. Beyond the convenience factor, the personal safety of staff is of course, paramount. Removing the potential risk to staff is always a key motivator for our clients in opting for our managed service. 

Empty Property Solutions

Evidence suggests that poorly maintained areas indicate no one cares which in turn encourages anti-social behaviour, such as vandalism, graffiti and other forms of criminality.


Propertysec provide the following empty property services:


  • Preventative cleaning regime

  • Rapid removal of graffiti

  • Measures to prevent rough sleeping

  • Repairing of broken windows

  • Landscaping & grounds maintenance

  • Removal of post (before it accumulates) 

  • Installation of prohibition signage 

  • Use of perimeter measures to denote ownership - fencing

  • Use of site hardening measures - steel screens, metal doors

  • Security technology - video verification systems

  • Effective lighting

  • Regular void property checks

Property Security Checks

Void property checks are a proven component of a proactive approach to void property protection, by keeping an eye on activities that may be criminal in nature or simply unsightly. Patrols help identify any issues with the property, such as graffiti or vandalism, reporting concerns and empowering clients to take necessary action at the earliest opportunity. Prevention is always the best approach to void property protection. Void property checks can help identify any potential issues before they detrimentally impact the property.


Our void property checks include:


  • External inspection for graffiti, damage, fly-tipping, rough sleeping, signs of intrusion

  • Internal inspection of utilities, windows, building contents, to ensure there is no sign of damage, vermin, water leakage


A full visit report is completed following each visit providing details of all findings, concerns and recommendations. 

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