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Case Study: V Mesh Fencing Effectively Stops Fly-Tipping at Industrial Estate

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In this case study, we explore how a prominent UK security company tackled the pressing challenges of fly-tipping and theft at an industrial estate in Epsom. Through the strategic implementation of V-Mesh perimeter fencing and secure access gates, the team not only enhanced the site's security but also did so with minimal disruption to daily operations. 

This project exemplifies precision planning and rapid execution, setting a new standard for effective security solutions in high-activity environments.

Securing an Industrial Estate in Epsom


Client: A Leading UK Security Company 


Location: Epsom, UK 


Challenge: Fly-tipping and theft 


Solution: V-Mesh Perimeter Fencing with Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates 





A leading UK company approached us with a pressing security concern at one of their industrial estates in Epsom. The site had become a hotspot for fly-tipping and theft, posing significant risks and challenges to the business and its tenants. Our mission was clear: to enhance the estate's security effectively and efficiently, without disrupting the site's daily operations.


The Challenge:


The primary challenge we faced was the estate's high activity level. With constant customer traffic and deliveries, any security enhancements needed to be implemented with minimal disruption. Understanding the importance of maintaining business operations, we recognised that the timing and speed of our response were crucial.


Our Solution:


After a thorough site survey, we recommended the installation of V-Mesh perimeter fencing, known for its durability and security features. To accommodate both vehicle and pedestrian traffic, we included two vehicle gates and two pedestrian gates in our proposal. This comprehensive approach ensured a fortified perimeter while maintaining the necessary access for site operations.


Recognising the need to minimise operational disruptions, we strategically planned to carry out the installation over a single weekend. This decision required meticulous planning and coordination, as completing the project in such a short timeframe demanded a significant increase in manpower and resources.




To meet our ambitious deadline, we mobilised our entire team of fencing specialists for the task. Aware of the site's busy nature, we implemented traffic control measures to prevent any inconvenience to the tenants. Our team worked tirelessly, dedicating 10 hours of non-stop effort to install the fencing and gates.





Our commitment to efficiency, planning, and execution paid off. The project was completed within the allocated one-day timeframe, much to the satisfaction of our client and the site's tenants. The new security measures have since provided a robust defence against fly-tipping and theft, ensuring the safety and security of the industrial estate.


This case study stands as a testament to our ability to tackle security challenges head-on, delivering high-quality solutions promptly and efficiently, even under the most demanding conditions. Our client's trust in us to secure their assets underlines our expertise in providing tailored security

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