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Steel Security Screens for Vacant Property

Steel security screens are an effective way of protecting vacant properties from damage and occupation. These robust steel barriers will

keep out not only vandals looking for easy targets, but also squatters who may be seeking shelter in your empty building!

Propertysec has a range of steel security screen options depending on the property type to maximise building protection and minimise damage in the most cost-effective manner.

From Sitex security screens to our most innovative secure screens, Propertysec can deliver and install your selected steel security screens quicklyOur team of knowledgeable and friendly physical security experts is also on hand should you need any help determining the security needs of your premises. Contact us today for a no obligation quote

Our Security Screen Options

Perforated Security Screen

Perforated security screens provide a heightened level of security when compared with timber.


The benefits of perforated security screens include:

  • Visible deterrent to criminals

  • Creates a steel barrier over the window

  • Perforation lets light through to allow internal viewing

  • Resistant to arson attack

  • Cut to size to fit into window reveals

  • Fairly cheap long term solution

PS sheet for windows installed in a building in London
sitex security screen installed in windows and doors

Sitex Security Screen

The benefits of utilising Sitex panels include:

  • A fully visible deterrent to trespassers

  • Robust steel screen

  • Perforations to allow light and ventilation as required when inside the building

  • Installed from the inside for maximum security and minimum damage installation

  • Arson-resistant

  • Can be fitted over doors, windows and other entry points

Compression Secured Screens

Our new improved compression system has been designed to provide a rapidly deployed boarding solution that is as secure as Sitex, as quick to install as PS screens, but doesn’t require the time consuming removal of windows or cause damage to the property. 

Compression secured window panels have many benefits over their counterparts, such as:


  • Quickest method of installation

  • Multiple contact points create a rigid secure barrier

  • Bolted panels cover all shapes of enclosure

  • Rapid removal and re-use of panels

  • No requirement to remove windows

  • No drilling in to window frames or brick work

  • Damage free secure barrier.

steel security screens

Highly Effective Deterrent

Heavy Duty and Secure Solutions

Temporary & Permanent Solutions

Custom Fit To Suit Any Property

temporary metal door installed in a vacant building

Temporary Steel Security Doors

Propertysec provides top-quality metal security doors for vacant properties that are designed to protect against vandalism, theft and unauthorised access.


Our steel security doors are made from heavy-duty materials, ensuring they are strong and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and potential break-in attempts.

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