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Rapid Fabrication of PIDS Units with Reconeyez detectors

PIDS Unit for site security

Discover how Propertysec's swift response solved a crisis for a UK Security & Enforcement company, delivering an urgent PIDS unit and reinforcing their reputation as a trusted security solution provider

The Client

A leading UK Security & Enforcement company, henceforth referred to as the Client, faced an urgent crisis when they were let down by a supplier who failed to provide a crucial component of their security system: the Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) unit for their Reconeyez detectors.

With mounting pressure from their clients, the company needed a quick and reliable solution. They turned to Propertysec, an industry-leading security solution provider, for help.

The Challenge


The challenge was not trivial: design, manufacture, and deliver a freestanding PIDS unit within two weeks. Given the complexity of the manufacturing process, especially for steel products, such a task is rarely achievable within this timescale. Additionally, the Client demanded that the quality and functionality of the PIDS unit should not be compromised due to the tight deadline.


The Solution


Propertysec, being part of a group of companies that includes Teparay Precision Sheet Metal Ltd (TPSM), has access to a 60,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility based in Hainault, Essex. This collaboration with TPSM provided them with the ability to undertake large-scale projects in a short time.


As soon as the Client approached Propertysec, the team started by mobilising their in-house designers to generate initial designs of the PIDS unit. Once these designs were approved by the Client, they were immediately passed on to the fabrication team at TPSM.


Despite the tight deadline, the team at Propertysec and TPSM were able to streamline the process, ensuring effective and efficient communication between the design and fabrication teams. This effective collaboration helped them to move swiftly from initial concept to a fully produced PIDS unit within the two-week timeline.


The Outcome


The resulting PIDS unit met the Client’s needs and expectations. The product's quality and functionality were up to the mark, and the speed of delivery exceeded their expectations. As a result, the Client expressed their satisfaction by ordering a further 15 units with the promise of more to come.


This successful project further solidified Propertysec's reputation as a reliable and efficient security solution provider in the UK. It also demonstrated the benefits of their close collaboration with TPSM, showing their combined ability to handle urgent, large-scale fabrication tasks without compromising quality.




Propertysec's rapid and efficient response to the Client's urgent need not only saved the day but also opened up new business opportunities. This case demonstrates the power of flexibility, effective team collaboration, and rapid action in meeting clients' needs and exceeding their expectations in challenging situations.


Through its network of partnerships and a robust in-house team, Propertysec continues to deliver superior quality products in record time, thus reinforcing their reputation as a trusted partner for security companies across the UK. The PIDS unit project for the UK Security & Enforcement company is a testament to their dedication to meeting the specific needs of each client, regardless of the challenge at hand.

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