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Case Study: Effective Deployment of PIDS Units for Rapid Security Response

PIDS Unit for site security

This case study unveils Propertysec’s effective response to heightened security challenges at an industrial unit undergoing refurbishment in Bracknell. Amidst escalating threats, the adept deployment of Reconeyez PIDS units resulted in immediate and substantial security enhancement.

This case study offers valuable insights into Propertysec’s ability to provide tailored and efficient security solutions, even in complex, dynamic environments, exemplifying their expertise in ensuring asset safety and integrity.

A Rapid Response to Enhanced Security Needs: The Bracknell Industrial Unit 


In the complex and often challenging environment of property security, response time, technology, and vigilance are key components to ensuring the safety and integrity of assets. This was aptly demonstrated when Propertysec was contracted to bolster the security of an industrial unit in Bracknell. Undergoing refurbishment, the unit had fallen prey to criminal activities, warranting an urgent and effective response.


The client, a prominent player in the industrial sector, was in the process of refurbishing an expansive industrial unit. However, criminal attempts to breach the property’s security were escalating. The perimeter palisade fence had been targeted, exposing the vulnerabilities inherent in the existing security measures. It was in this context that Propertysec was enlisted to augment and enhance the security infrastructure effectively and expediently.

The Challenge

The primary obstacle was the urgent nature of the security breach. The client required an immediate response to not only assuage the existing threat but also to bolster the overall security to prevent future intrusions. The refurbishment activities made the property more vulnerable, necessitating a security solution that was both robust and adaptable to the changing onsite conditions.

The Solution

Propertysec, tapping into its reservoir of advanced security solutions, deployed two of its state-of-the-art Reconeyez PIDS units. These units were strategically positioned; one covering the main entry point and the second assiduously monitoring the rear of the property. The PIDS units, renowned for their precision and reliability, offered effective surveillance, ensuring that key areas of the property were under vigilant watch.


With a swift assessment of the property and understanding the immediate threat, Propertysec’s team installed the Reconeyez PIDS units in record time. Each unit was configured to offer optimal coverage, ensuring that the previously exploited vulnerabilities were now under stringent surveillance.


The Reconeyez PIDS units delivered instantaneous results. 24/7 surveillance offered by Propertysec’s partner monitoring station ensured that the property was not just secure but fortified against potential intrusions.

The adaptability of the PIDS units allowed for seamless integration despite the ongoing refurbishment activities.The client experienced an immediate enhancement in security, with zero incidents reported post the installation of the PIDS units. The real-time monitoring and rapid response capability drastically reduced the risk of intrusion, ensuring the safety of assets and ongoing work at the property.


The Bracknell case underscores the pivotal role of advanced technology, strategic positioning, and round-the-clock monitoring in property security.Propertysec’s swift response and the efficacy of the Reconeyez PIDS units showcased a harmonious blend of technology and vigilance. 

The client could proceed with the refurbishment with the assurance of enhanced security, marking this as another testament to Propertysec’s commitment to delivering bespoke, effective, and immediate security solutions.

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