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Case Study: Rapid Security Response with PIDS Units at Bristol Construction Site

PIDS Unit for site security

In Bristol's bustling city centre, the railway arches project faced significant setbacks due to antisocial activities, posing challenges for construction timelines and safety. Propertysec was tasked with creating a secure environment, combating issues like fly-tipping and drug use that plagued the site. Through a strategic deployment of Sentinel PID MK1 units and comprehensive site monitoring, Propertysec not only restored safety but also ensured the project's swift continuation, showcasing their innovative approach to urban security challenges.

Securing the Railway Arches in Bristol City Centre


Client Requirement:


Propertysec was approached by a client facing challenges in a construction project at the railway arches in Bristol city centre. The project was significantly delayed due to anti-social activities, including fly-tipping by travellers and the area being frequented by drug users, leading to the accumulation of syringes and drug paraphernalia on site.

These issues not only delayed the construction but also incurred considerable financial losses for the client.


Our Solution:


To address this problem a comprehensive security approach was adopted:


Site Clearance:

The first step involved a thorough clearing of the site from all hazardous materials, including syringes and waste, to make it safe for the installation of security equipment


Installation of Sentinel PID MK1 Units: 

We deployed 3 Sentinel PID MK1 units at strategic locations across the site. Each Sentinel PID unit was equipped with, 4 Reconeyez detectors and 1 siren, providing a wide surveillance area and ensuring complete coverage of the site.  The siren served as an immediate deterrent, producing a loud noise upon detection of any intrusion


24/7 Monitoring:

The entire system was connected to our monitoring partner, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance and response to any security breaches.




The installation of the Sentinel PID MK1 units had an immediate and profound impact:


Deterrence of Intruders: 

The physical presence of the units, combined with the noise of the sirens, made the area unattractive for potential intruders, including travellers and drug users. This was evident during the walk test following the installation, where the deafening noise of the sirens acted as a powerful deterrent


Successful Detection: 

The Reconeyez detectors played a crucial role in identifying any unauthorised presence, enabling timely intervention following confirmation of intrusion.


Project Resumption: 

With the security measures in place, the construction work resumed without further hindrances, saving the client from additional financial losses.


Long-term Impact:

The installation of the Sentinel PID MK1 units has not only addressed the immediate security concerns but has also contributed to the overall safety and security of the Bristol city centre area, benefiting the community at large.




Propertysec's strategic response to the security challenges at the railway arches in Bristol city centre demonstrates our commitment to providing effective and efficient security solutions. The successful implementation of the Sentinel PID MK1 units highlights our capability to address complex security situations, ensuring both the safety of the site and the smooth continuation of construction works.

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