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Enhancing Security and Safety: A Comprehensive Solution for an Abandoned Industrial Unit in Erith

PIDS Unit for site security

In the challenging atmosphere of an abandoned industrial unit in Erith, teeming with unauthorised occupation and criminal activities, emerged an opportunity for redemption and security transformation. 

Propertysec, armed with innovation and expertise, rose to the occasion. Our client, plagued by the unit’s deteriorating state, sought a sanctuary of security and safety. The industrial terrain, previously marked by darkness and vulnerability, was about to experience an overhaul of light, technology, and impenetrable security courtesy of Propertysec’s comprehensive solution. 

Dive into a case study that unveils a journey from desolation to security, showcasing the potent combination of Reconeyez PIDS units and NEXSUN 2000 solar lights in reclaiming peace of mind.

Enhancing Security and Safety: A Comprehensive Solution for an Abandoned Industrial Unit in Erith




Propertysec, a leading property security company, was approached by a client facing significant challenges with an abandoned industrial unit located in Erith. The property had been unoccupied for several years, leading to unauthorised occupation by squatters and criminal activities, including drug use.

The objective was to secure the property effectively, ensuring safety whilst minimising risks associated with unauthorised access.




The industrial unit's desolate state posed considerable safety and security risks. Lack of proper security measures had led to unauthorised access, making the property a hotspot for illegal activities.

The client required an immediate, effective, and sustainable solution to mitigate these challenges, ensuring the property was safe, secure, and less vulnerable to future intrusions.




Propertysec employed a multi-faceted approach, implementing advanced technology and strategic planning to secure the premises. Three Reconeyez PIDS units equipped with cutting-edge technology were installed at the site. These units were strategically placed along identified adversary paths, ensuring comprehensive monitoring and detection of any unauthorised entry.


Moreover, to bolster security during the night and reduce areas of concealment, Propertysec installed NEXSUN 2000 solar lights around the property. Each light provided 2000 lumens of brightness, illuminating dark spots and making the environment inhospitable for squatters and criminals.




Reconeyez PIDS Units:


  • Propertysec’s team conducted a thorough assessment of the property to identify vulnerable points and adversary paths

  • Three Reconeyez PIDS units were then strategically installed to ensure comprehensive coverage and immediate detection of intrusions

  • The technology enabled real-time alerts and efficient response to any unauthorised access.


NEXSUN 2000 Solar Lights:

  • A lighting assessment was conducted to identify dark spots around the property that could serve as hiding places

  • NEXSUN 2000 solar lights were installed to illuminate these areas, enhancing visibility and safety

  • The solar lights were self-sustainable and required minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution.




The implementation of Reconeyez PIDS units and NEXSUN 2000 solar lights transformed the security landscape of the industrial unit. Unauthorised access was significantly curtailed, as intruders were immediately detected and deterred by the enhanced security measures.


Key Results:


  • The property was secured from unauthorised access, reducing illegal occupation and criminal activities

  • The solar lights provided a sustainable and low-maintenance lighting solution

  • The client was satisfied with the immediate improvement in security and the effectiveness of the installed systems.




Propertysec’s comprehensive security solution, leveraging advanced technology and strategic planning, effectively mitigated the risks associated with the abandoned industrial unit in Erith.

The Reconeyez PIDS units and NEXSUN 2000 solar lights proved instrumental in deterring unauthorised access and criminal activities, protecting the property’s integrity and safety.


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