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Permanent Security Fencing for Comprehensive Protection

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In Ground and Permanent Systems

In today's ever-evolving world, ensuring the security of your property is paramount. A permanent security fence doesn’t just safeguard your assets; it offers peace of mind. Whether for businesses, vacant property, empty land, or special facilities, our professional security fencing services are a perfect blend of strength, aesthetics, and long-lasting durability.

Our permanent security fences are constructed with the highest quality materials designed to resist adverse weather conditions, vandalism, and rust. 

Beyond a basic barrier, our fences come with advanced security features such as anti-climb designs, surveillance camera integrations, and sensor-triggered alarms. Each security fence is a testament to innovative engineering aimed at thwarting intrusion attempts.

Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing is a great solution for locations that need to provide a high level of security. This permanent security fencing system offers great strength and longevity, and perhaps the most traditional form of security fencing.

Palisade fencing is widely used in industrial settings where high levels of security are required. It can also be used in retail locations and other areas where theft or vandalism are common concerns.

With its strong construction, palisade fencing ensures that your assets will remain protected against harm no matter what happens outside your property line.

We offer a range of pedestrian and vehicle access gates in heights from 1.8m to 3.0m, and widths ranging from 1.2m to 10.0m that will give you the control you need over who enters your building or land at any given time.

security fencing
security fencing

Steel Palisade Security Gates

Steel Palisade Gates offer strong and durable entrance security, they are considered the most traditional form of permanent security gates. Ideal for matching with our Palisade Fencing System, our Palisade gates are fitting with a triple pointed top and with a “W” profile pale as standard, except where the gate is under 1.8m high, where the top of the pale is round nosed and notched for safety.

All our single and double-leaf Palisade Gates feature inverted hinges to prevent lift off, as well as a padlockable side-latch.

Double-leaf gates also come complete with packlockable drop-bolts (on the reverse of the gate) and ground sockets (available as a custom option on single leaf Palisade Gates).


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