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Secure Vacant Properties with Perforated Steel Sheets

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perforated steel sheets

Premium Steel Security Sheets by Propertysec

Experience ultimate site protection with our premium galvanised and perforated steel security sheets, expertly installed to safeguard vacant properties from the costly repercussions of unauthorised entry, vandalism and theft. Our sheets not only ensure robust security but also allow the inflow of natural light.

Manufactured in-house, our security sheets are resistant to fire, hacksaws, and crowbars. They feature a sturdy 1.5mm thickness, although we also cater to custom requirements ranging from 1.0mm to 2.0mm thickness. These sheets offer an unmatched protective solution for properties that remain vacant for extended periods or are scheduled for demolition. They effectively deter potential intruders, squatters, and thieves, ensuring the safety of your property.

Propertysec's security sheets are synonymous with high-quality and fast installation. Our use of anti-tamper screws adds an extra layer of formidable protection.

We cater to locations all over the UK and, being a manufacturer of fabricated products, we also offer perforated steel sheets, SITEX, secureSCREEN kits, and steel doors to other organisations. 

Perforated Security Screen for Vacant Property

Perforated security screens provide a heightened level of security when compared with timber. The benefits of perforated security screens include:

  • Visible deterrent to criminals

  • Creates a steel barrier over the window

  • Perforation lets light through to allow internal viewing

  • Resistant to arson attack

  • Cut to size to fit into window reveals

  • Fairly cheap long term solution

perforated steel sheets
perforated steel sheets

High Quality and Fast Installation

At Propertysec, we pride ourselves on delivering not only top-tier security solutions but also on ensuring a seamless installation process. Every premium galvanised and perforated steel security sheet we produce is synonymous with high quality, designed to safeguard vacant properties from potential threats effectively. 

But it's not just about the robustness of the product; it's also about efficiency. Recognising the urgency that comes with securing properties, our installation services are swift and meticulous. Our team utilises anti-tamper screws for added protection, ensuring that every sheet is anchored securely and steadfastly. 

With Propertysec, you're choosing a blend of unparalleled quality and speedy service, safeguarding your investments with minimal downtime.


Our Accreditations

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