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SecureSCREEN Innovative Window Boarding for Vacant Properties

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Revolutionary SecureSCREEN: Non-Invasive, Robust Security for Vacant Properties

We are excited to introduce our innovative new window boarding system, designed to provide a more effective solution than traditional SITEX or perforated steel. Our compression system is a game-changing concept that requires no fixings into the brickwork and doesn't require the removal of windows, making it a quick, sustainable, and incredibly robust solution.

Key advantages include:

  • No need to remove windows

  • Zero drilling into window frames or brickwork

  • Swift disassembly with potential for panel reuse

  • Fastest method of installation currently on the market

Revolutionary Void Property Window Boarding: Aesthetic, Strong, & Non-Invasive

Discover our innovative, patent-pending solution that is set to revolutionize the void property window boarding industry. Not only does our solution provide a visually appealing finish, but it also boasts incredible strength. Its non-invasive nature makes it suitable for listed buildings and other scenarios where the application of perforated steel drilled into window frames isn't feasible.

This breakthrough approach saves both time and money, eliminating the need for costly repairs that can result from multiple fixings into brickwork or window frames. Experience the future of window boarding with our superior and aesthetically pleasing solution, a true game-changer that marries practicality with style and strength.

secure screen
secure screen

Why our secureSCREEN solution is superior to Perforated Steel Sheets and SITEX

No Damage to Building:  Perforated steel sheets are typically fixed directly to the brickwork of a building, resulting in  damage to the structure. This can be costly to repair. Compression window screens, on the other hand, don't require any drilling or fixings into the brickwork, which means no damage to the building.

Fast and Easy Installation: Install compression window screens in just hours, an ideal quick solution for void properties. In contrast, perforated steel sheets require days, causing delays for owners and managers.

No Need to Remove Glass: Traditional SITEX screens need glass removal, posing risks and potential costly window damage. Compression window screens eliminate this need, ensuring window safety.

Superior Strength and Durability: Compression window screens, is made of top-quality materials, deliver unmatched strength and deterrence against break-ins.


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