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Why Choose Steel Security Doors?

Experience peace of mind with our robust, temporary metal security doors, meticulously crafted to safeguard your unoccupied property. These tailor-made access control solutions, ideal for vacant residential or commercial buildings, come with a robust anti-vandal specification. 

They act as effective deterrents against intruders, vandals, and squatters, offering both conspicuous and physical barriers of protection.

Our premium metal screen doors are an innovative rendition of the original Sitex steel security doors. 

These superior doors, championed by local authorities in the UK, are precisely engineered from the time-tested Sitex building protection doors, which have been a testament to security in thousands of installations.

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Steel Security Doors Specifications

The resilience of our steel security doors makes them virtually impervious to breaches without professional tools, vastly limiting any unauthorised access. When paired with Sitex security screens for window openings, or our patent pending secureSCREEN solution, these doors provide an elevated level of security. They effectively shield your building from potential trespassers, ensuring your property remains a no-go zone for anyone attempting to force entry.

All our void property security doors are produced in-house, allowing us to swiftly create competitively priced, bespoke products. Not only do we manufacture a range of steel security doors for our own use, we also distribute our products to other businesses. For additional information, please visit our store page.

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The Benefits of Using a Steel Security Door

Vandals and squatters can quickly cause extensive damage to your vacant property, and the repairs can be very costly. One way to protect your property is to install steel security doors. Here some benefits of using steel security doors:

  • Provides a high-strength physical barrier into the property

  • Allows key-holders to easily gain access when required

  • Highly resistant to tampering, force and fire damage

  • Creates a visible deterrent to vandals and trespassers

  • Easy to reinstall normal doors when building is ready for occupation.

Temporary Steel Security Door Installation

Our doors are installed by professional teams throughout England and Wales, and cause little or no damage to the exterior of your building. Expandable frames allow for quick, secure installation on-site, and doors can be easily dismantled and removed once no longer necessary.

This is an ideal solution for vacant properties, as it provides a high level of security without compromising the integrity of the property itself. 


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