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Secure Screens Vs Sitex Security Screens

secure screens being install in vacant property
No windows are removed with Secure Screens.

What are Steel Security Screens?

Steel security screens help to protect vacant properties, providing a robust defence against the costly damage and inconvenience caused by vandals, squatters and other unwelcome intruders.

There are many types of security screens that offer varying levels of protection and security to your vacant property, such as:

In this article we will compare the well known Sitex security screen system with our innovative new compression screens (Secure Screen).

Secure Screens Vs Sitex

In the event of an attempted break-in or arson attack, Sitex screens are a purpose-built alternative to wooden boards and provide improved security and fire resistance.

Disused buildings, particularly those that are abandoned, are prone to low-level crime like vandalism, squatting, and trespassing. It's crucial to take preventative steps to safeguard your premises before you are hit with huge legal and repair expenses.

Sitex Screens provide the following benefits:

  • Allows light and air in to avoid damp or staleness

  • Provides a highly visible deterrent

  • Are incredibly strong and robust

  • Do not damage the building due to fixings

Sitex Security Screens Limitations

Sitex is a great solution, but it's not without limitations. These include:

  • Need to remove glazing to install brackets to secure Sitex panels. Moving glass is not straightforward, beading can be damaged in the process and the glass units can be easily broken if not handled carefully

  • Where do you safely store the glass units once removed, protecting them from damage

  • Depending on the number of windows, installing Sitex screens can be both costly and time consuming

However, the biggest issue with Sitex is the fact you are essentially removing a building's environmental seal, exposing the interior to the elements. This generates its own fair share of problems, such as:

  • In winter the building's interior can become as cold as the outside temperature, so not great for furnishings and fixtures

  • Due to temperature fluctuations, it is advisable to drain down the heating system to prevent burst pipes and flooding

Is There a Better Solution Than Sitex Security Screen?

Sitex is great but only in certain situations. It would be great if there was a system as strong as Sitex, but as quick to install as perforated sheets, but didn't involve damaging the fabric of the building during install and one that protected the building's environmental seal?!

Luckily there is! We invented a compression window boarding system to address the issues with other methods of window boarding.

Our Secure Screens tick all the boxes:

  • Fast to install

  • No damage to the building - Guaranteed! No costly making good by repairing all the drill holes in your brickwork or window frames

  • Strong as Sitex - our Secure Screens utilise the fabric of the building to create an incredibly strong seal and the best part - NO WINDOWS are removed and the building's environmental seal is protected

Our Secure Screen has been developed by our in-house team and is the result of nearly 3 decades of void property experience.

For more information, or to trial the best system available, call or email the Propertysec team!

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