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Case Study: Swift and Efficient Property Security for a Trashed South London Property

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In this case study, discover how Propertysec promptly and efficiently addressed a critical property security issue in South London. 

When a leading UK Facilities Management company needed urgent assistance due to illegal occupation and significant damage caused by travellers, Propertysec responded immediately. The property, though in a deplorable state, was thoroughly assessed, secured, and restored to safety within just three days. 

With customised security solutions including boarding windows, installing steel doors, and anti-climb measures, Propertysec not only prevented further damage and unauthorised access but also delivered peace of mind and immense satisfaction to the client, showcasing our commitment to excellence and quick, effective service.

Case Study: Swift and Efficient Property Security for a Trashed South London Property



Propertysec was recently approached by one of the leading UK Facilities Management companies for an urgent property security requirement. The property, located in South London, had been illegally occupied and significantly damaged by travellers. With damages running into thousands of pounds and the building’s integrity at stake, swift and efficient action was paramount.


The Challenge

The property was in a deplorable state. The travellers had not only occupied but also completely trashed the building. The extent of the damage was significant, and immediate remediation and security measures were essential to prevent further deterioration and unauthorised access. The size of the property and the number of windows posed a significant challenge, requiring an efficient, well-planned, and executed solution.


The Propertysec Approach

Understanding the urgency and the complex nature of the task, Propertysec promptly conducted a thorough survey of the property. Our expert team, equipped with years of experience and state-of-the-art tools, meticulously assessed the extent of the damage and the potential security risks associated with the property.


Recommendations and Implementation

Based on the survey, Propertysec recommended a comprehensive security solution that included:


Boarding Windows with PS Sheets: To ensure that all windows were adequately secured, preventing any unauthorised access or further damage

Installing Temporary Steel Doors: Robust and durable doors to secure the property’s entrances and exits effectively

Anti-Climb Measures: Specialised installations to prevent intruders from accessing vulnerable upper floor windows.



Despite the complexity due to the property’s size and the extensive number of windows, Propertysec’s dedicated and skilled team sprang into action. With a well-coordinated plan, the team worked tirelessly, and within a span of just three days, all windows and doors were secured.



The quick and efficient response by Propertysec resulted in:


Enhanced Security: The property was fully secured, preventing unauthorised access and potential further damage

Client Satisfaction: The Facilities Management company expressed immense satisfaction with the swift and efficient service delivered by Propertysec

Cost Savings: Timely action prevented potential additional costs associated with further damages or theft.



The South London property case underscores Propertysec’s commitment to delivering swift, efficient and customised property security solutions.

Regardless of the extent of the damage or the complexity of the task at hand, Propertysec rises to the occasion, ensuring that every property is secured to the highest standards.

Our proactive approach, coupled with a dedicated team and innovative solutions, makes us the preferred choice for property security.



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