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Case Study: Innovative Boarding Solutions for Vacant Buildings

PIDS Unit for site security

Propertysec's case study showcases their expertise in securing the UPS building in Feltham with an innovative, cost-effective off-site fabrication approach. Learn how their efficient solution ensures enhanced security and professional execution for property owners.

Propertysec's Boarding of the Former UPS Building in Feltham




Propertysec, a UK-based leader in property security solutions, was recently entrusted with the task of securing the former UPS building in Feltham. This case study explores the process and the technology employed by Propertysec to achieve this demanding task.




The former UPS building in Feltham is a large, glass-fronted structure that stood vacant, making it a potential target for squatters and thieves. Recognising the risk, the property owner required a rapid and robust solution to safeguard the premises.




Size of the Building: With a vast facade that required nearly 400 perforated steel sheets for complete coverage, the task was immense.

Time Constraints: Quick action was necessary to prevent potential break-ins.

Cost Efficiency: The solution had to be economically viable without compromising quality or security.

Safety Concerns: The cutting and installation of metal panels on-site could pose dangers to the workers.




Propertysec's team assessed the building's requirements and planned the project's execution in detail, considering the specific challenges involved.


Off-site Fabrication


One of Propertysec's key advantages in this project was access to our own 80,000 square foot fabrication facility. This allowed for cutting all the panels to size off-site, a process that would:


Reduce Installation Time: Pre-cut panels could be quickly installed on-site

Lower Costs: Off-site fabrication was more efficient and economical

Enhance Safety: By cutting the metal off-site, the risks associated with on-site metalwork were eliminated.





Prompt Completion: The team was able to quickly secure the building, minimising the risks associated with squatter or traveller occupation

Cost-Effective Solution: By leveraging the group's resources and expertise, Propertysec offered one of the most cost-effective boarding services in the UK.

Enhanced Security: The solution ensured that any unauthorised entry attempts would be severely hindered, safeguarding the property.

Professional Execution: The whole process was managed with professionalism and efficiency, reflecting Propertysec's reputation as a leading provider.




Propertysec's success in boarding the former UPS building in Feltham demonstrates its capabilities as an industry leader. The efficient utilisation of off-site fabrication, along with the application of innovative technologies, resulted in a solution that was timely, cost-effective, and secure.


The case illustrates how Propertysec's unique strengths, including a shared fabrication facility and collaboration with metal experts at TPSM, contribute to its position as one of the premier providers of boarding solutions in the UK.




For property owners seeking secure, cost-effective boarding solutions, Propertysec's integrated approach stands out as a benchmark. The success of the Feltham project illustrates the importance of planning, collaboration, and the strategic use of technology in achieving optimum results.

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