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Temporary Security Doors for Vacant Property Protection

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metal door in colour green

Why Choose Steel Security Doors?

Enjoy peace of mind with our strong, temporary metal security doors, carefully crafted to protect your empty property. Tailored for both residential and commercial buildings, these doors come with full anti-vandal features.

They effectively keep out intruders, vandals, and squatters by offering clear and physical barriers. Our high-quality metal screen doors are an advanced version of the classic Sitex steel security doors.

Supported by UK local authorities, our doors are built from the reliable Sitex protection doors, known for their strength and dependability in thousands of installations.

Steel Security Doors Specifications

Our steel security doors are exceptionally strong, making unauthorised entry without specialised tools very difficult. 

Combined with our special window screens or the innovative secureSCREEN solution, they enhance your building's safety, ensuring it remains inaccessible to unwelcome visitors.

We manufacture all our security doors in-house, allowing us to produce high-quality, cost-effective solutions promptly. These durable doors are available not only for our use but also for sale to other businesses. 

metal door in colour green
metal door in colour green

The Benefits of Using a Steel Security Door

Vandals and squatters can quickly rack up costly repairs on empty properties. Steel security doors are a smart safeguard, offering:

  • Strong protection for the property.

  • Easy access for authorised individuals.

  • Resistance to tampering, forced entry, and fire.

  • A visible deterrent to unwanted visitors.

  • Simple replacement with regular doors when needed.

Installed by our skilled teams in England and Wales, these doors fit seamlessly without altering your building's look. Their adjustable frames ensure fast, secure installation and easy removal, making them ideal for securing vacant properties without damaging their integrity.


Our Accreditations

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