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Guarding the Gap: Security Strategies for Void Properties

In this blog we address the urgent need to secure properties without tenants. These vacant spaces are hotspots for criminal activities, leading to costly repairs and legal issues for owners. Our guide unveils practical, cost-effective strategies to enhance security, from technology solutions to physical barriers. Learn how to protect your investment, deter criminals, and ensure your property remains a valuable asset, even while unoccupied.

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The Importance of Safeguarding Void Properties

Void properties are vulnerable to theft, vandalism, illegal waste dumping and squatting. For property owners, ensuring these premises remain secure is paramount in avoiding the complications and costs associated with crime and trespassing. It’s about preserving not just the property’s value but also ensuring it doesn’t become a financial drain due to repair, legal, and insurance costs.

Balancing Costs

Property owners must focus on the upkeep of the property's aesthetics and cleanliness to facilitate quicker tenant turnover. However, this maintenance can be financially taxing, especially in the absence of rental income.

Some recurring expenses include utilities, council tax, mortgage payments and comprehensive insurance to mitigate risks associated with damage and unlawful occupation. However, such costs pale in comparison to those associated with repairing the damage caused by squatter occupation.

Unoccupied but Not Unattended

Void properties often retain active utility connections, making them susceptible to criminal activities. Criminals are drawn to these properties for theft, while squatters exploit the active utilities.

The challenge lies in making these properties accessible for potential tenants and service providers while keeping them secure from unauthorised entry.

Security Solutions for Void Properties

Companies like Propertysec provide specialised security solutions tailored for unoccupied properties. Steel security doors and steel screens offer robust protection without compromising accessibility for authorised individuals. These can be installed without causing damage to the property and are easily removable. To learn all about boarding up solutions for your vacant property click here.

Vigilance through Technology and Manpower

Implementing alarm systems and CCTV monitored by a dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre ensures immediate response to security breaches, preventing potential losses.

Some property owners opt for security patrols and inspections, ensuring that the unoccupied property remains under surveillance, deterring criminal activities.

Proactive Measures for Enhanced Security

In addition to the above measures, small actions can make a significant difference in enhancing security. Promptly clearing mail, maintaining the property’s exterior, and ensuring it doesn’t appear neglected can dissuade unlawful activities.

The appearance of upkeep can often deter criminals, reducing the risk profile of the property. If you like to learn more about the importance of Property upkeep and how it can keep vandals away, head to this detailed article.


Navigating the challenges associated with void properties requires a multi-faceted approach combining physical security measures, technological solutions and ongoing maintenance.

Partners like Propertysec play a pivotal role in ensuring that these unoccupied properties remain secure, preserving their value and making the transition to occupancy seamless and efficient.

For customised solutions tailored to your property’s unique needs, reach out to the expert team at Propertysec.

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