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Propertysec's Comprehensive Property Protection Service - The Abandoned Hospital in Romford

PIDS Unit for site security

In the ever-evolving world of property security, Propertysec stands distinguished, carving a niche of excellence and reliability, as exemplified in our latest undertaking at an abandoned hospital in Romford.

This case study is a showcase of our adeptness in delivering bespoke, comprehensive property protection solutions.

We leveraged our unparalleled expertise in the artistry of steel perforated sheets and our unique, patent-pending secureSCREEN system. A structure, once vulnerable and exposed, was transformed into a bastion of security, underscoring our capability to swiftly and economically source and install premium materials.

Every window and door of the old edifice was fortified, narrating a tale of precision, efficiency, and unparalleled security, reaffirming Propertysec’s position as a trusted security provider across the UK. Join us in unravelling a narrative where innovation, speed, and craftsmanship converge, echoing the distinguished signature of Propertysec’s excellence.

Propertysec's Comprehensive Property Protection Service - The Abandoned Hospital in Romford




Propertysec recently executed a major security enhancement project for an old, abandoned hospital situated in Romford. Working on behalf of their client, we installed 1.5mm thick galvanised perforated steel sheets on the property's windows and doors to safeguard the property from vandals and squatters.




With the hospital's closure, it was vulnerable to intrusion, vandalism and squatters, which posed significant safety risks and potential legal issues for the property owner. Around 100 windows and doors needed fortification. A quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution was required to prevent any unauthorised access.




Capitalising on their expertise and capabilities, Propertysec proposed and executed a comprehensive property protection plan. The solution involved securing all windows and doors with galvanised perforated steel sheets, which are renowned for their strength, durability, and weather resistance.


Operating as part of a larger group that includes Teparay Precision Sheet Metal Ltd (TPSM), a 60,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility based in Hainault, Essex, Propertysec could source the required steel sheets quickly and economically. This unique supply chain advantage allows Propertysec to deliver such extensive projects across the UK efficiently and cost-effectively.




The team swiftly began the process of installing the steel sheets, maintaining stringent safety measures throughout the installation process. Their experienced crew made sure the work was completed efficiently, without causing any damage to the building's original structure.




The project was completed in quick time, meeting the client's time-sensitive requirements. The client was extremely pleased with the end result, praising Propertysec's professionalism, efficiency and the high quality of their work.


Following the project's completion, the abandoned hospital was successfully secured against any potential intruders, ensuring its preservation until the property's next phase.




This case demonstrates Propertysec's strength in delivering comprehensive property protection solutions. Leveraging their expertise in steel perforated sheets, their unique patent-pending secureSCREEN system, and their ability to source and install materials quickly and cost-effectively across the UK, Propertysec has further solidified their reputation as a trusted property security provider.

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